This lettering was done in June 28th of 2016, after two years of living in United States. The caption below was written in the original publication. I translated myself. Enjoy!


A bit ago ago we celebrate our two years living in USA since we arrived to Florida. We’ve made our place thanks to not moving every six months as happened before when we were in London (UK), but overall we thank the people we’ve met so far, not many but, don’t you think it’s been easy.

At the beginning everything is an adventure and suddenly nostalgia kicks in and slaps you in your face. It also comes with stupid question such as: what it would happened if…? Or thinking the best things are happening in the other side od the pond, where you are not longer living there. You see the pictures and think: what it’s going on? everyone is having more fun now than before! Where would I be if I lived there now?

Then you, I mean me, you want to be everywhere, here and there, you don’t want to miss a thing. You idealize continually, till one day you, when you go back to the place you used to call home (18 months later in my case) and another slap on your face. It’s not your home anymore. You are a tourist in your own town and surroundings. You look at everything, everyone and everywhere. You look for things that have changed. Suddenly you listen to speak your mother tongue (Catalan in my case) and you realize how much you missed it, even if you speak it everyday at home or with your family and friends through the cellphone (I’m missing it a lot). Everything is so small and tiny, even the sky! You are hungry at 12pm for lunch and hungry at 8pm for dinner. It’s cold and hot, when in Florida is always hot. And those 2hours of driving that before where hell now are a journey to the corner. You buy less stuff thinking that one day you will leave and you would have to put it in a box and move till you think: you know what? I will give it to somebody.

The word uncertainty prevails your future, you don’t think beyond a year, and not even that. The love you feel for all those people walking wit you in this journey increases considerably.

Time is too valuable to waste it. 

Little by little a new life gets built, a new home and the time keeps going. You can always can come back, but you are taking a bit of here and there. My home isn’t anymore where I used to think. Now, it is Jupiter. Till it ends and we build a new one in another part of the world.

The adventure continues 🙂