Ok, I have to say I’m writing this during early September 2021, I wanted to write at the end of the year and I didn’t feel like it. Why now? Honestly? Because I’m redoing this site. It’s what it is.

Me with myself

Well, it’s been an up and down year for me. I was able to go with my family back to Spain to visit our families, and some part of the trip was a hole A-HA moment, to see how people behave and act in front of the other, plus to know to not trust or believe what I hear. It was such a huge relief and then being home to my parents it’s always good and home.

I was pregnant a the beginning of the year and I was going through therapy. My second pregnancy was too emotional, plenty of fears, feeling powerless and not knowing how to handle specific situations, but with Michaela and Beth, everything was possible and by July 2020 my anxiety decreased and I was able to fly solo.

I was so proud of my second delivery, was even better than the first one. Hospital was most of it shut down due Covid, and Victor was able to stay with me in the room. The best, it was a quick and painless delivery, yes epidural for me, please! I was able to touch my babies head why delivering him (maybe too much information?) but what I remember the most is the group of women who danced together to be ready to help me to bring my second boy to this world. It was the best! Women helping women! Captain Marvel was on TV 😉

My postpartum was better than my first. I wasn’t feeling alone, even though my parents couldn’t come due Covid-19. V was at home, as my oldest son, so we were learning together, but also I knew what I had to do and how, the experience, right? The worst? Well, a week later of delivering, one evening I had a huge bleeding and I had to go to the hospital. I spend the whole night there. Everything look fine, till the ultrasound technician found a mass in my bladder.

In two days, the urologist told me that yes, I had a mass, a small mass and it had to be removed. Two weeks later, it was removed and a week after that I was notified that mass was bladder cancer. My revisions have been good and fingers crossed they’ll keep being like that. Yes, I was scared and I’m still are when the time of my revision comes, but super happy it was seen on time and so early.

My old job came back 🙂

So, YES! by the end of spring I was contact by my ex-bosses if I wanted to come back. Things were going really good and they need it a graphic designer back!!!! I said YES, but working from home with a baby, and going once a week to the office.

By the end of September I started to learn html/css to help one of the devs. I always wanted to try it and they gave the chance to learn and grow.

Personal projects

I started the year working for myself without paying. I focused on the ikigai I made on a self-discovery creative course, that basically was go for my passion of history and design, focus on the 50 States, and trying to make carrousels for my IG, exploring their history in a nice way. I’m still working on it. The project was called The pale border, but no! No need for euphesisms, now is called The White Borders!

No more than that due lack of time and being tired between work and parenting/motherhood, and that’s fine!

Moving out, again!

Yes, by the end of the year, literally, the last day we left Florida, after almost 7 years, to live in Pennsylvania. WOW!


Being a mom for 2nd time!

Taking things slowly and trying to chill and to not make a big deal.

Love and value myself again!

Feeling valued and loved professionally, again!

Move to a new place, where we can enjoy seasons and live in a small town.

Not so well

We couldn’t leave the country to visit our families, so our families and friends don’t know our second child. We’ll have to wait for that.

My health!

Missing a little bit Florida!

So, as I said last year, some ups and downs, but still here. I remember by the end of 2020 I couldn’t be more excited to start our new lifes in a place with seasons and be able to enjoy a bit of winter.

Please, be healthy, take care and wear a mask!