Miami guys! Miami! 🌴
What a place! 🔥
Have you been there?🤔

We’ve arrived to USA through Miami on June 23rd 2014! 5 years ago! We stayed one night there to a friend’s house, one of my best friends from High School, whom she move long time ago with her husband. Life! (sometimes amazing)

The morning of the 24th we woke up, went to a cafeteria, and walk around! WALK! Oh my! Now I laugh! 🤣 It was so hot and bright 🔥😎 Nobody was in the streets, or almost anybody. I had the feeling I was in another world, and sure I was. Not for being in Miami, but overall for being in the USA hehe. It was and still is so different of what I was used to! . .
Miami’s name comes from the Miami River, which it derived from the Mayaimi people who lived close to the Lake Okeechobee, known as Lake Mayaimi for the different Native American such as the Tequesta, Calusa and Mayaimi people.

Mayaimi means “Big Water”, and according to the linguist Julian Granberry, this extinct language was related to the Tunica language.

Also, when Ponce de León arrived to the Miami area he wrote in his journal he reached Chesquescha, but it is unknown if he made contact with any Native American. Later, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and his men recorded they made contact with the Tequesta people, in the area known today as Miami.

This is the Floridian history pill for today!
Have an amazing day! and enjoy it!

P.S: I’ve recently was in Miami and I have to say I liked it more, way more than the first or second time I was there, and I wouldn’t mind to go back and enjoy a bit more the city.

P.S: I’m thinking to publish two days per week, let’s see if it works! What do you think? Wish me luck!