First of all, I would like to thank @bypeggo for letting me use this (his) capital F and inspire me to do this lettering with his work. 👏🏽Woop Woop!🥳🥳

Said that…

🌴W E L C O M E to F L O R I D A🌴

This past June 23rd, I hit a landmark in my life; 5 years living in Florida! WOW! and in August 9th another one; 7 years living abroad. Never imagined in my wildest dreams I would be living these two experiences for so long and so far away from the place I used to called home.

I came to this side of the pond, and to this state without expectations. I learned from my previous experience of living in a foreign country. Too many expectations of meeting new people, assimilate into the “new” culture, embrace the experience, that I had more disappointments than anything. So, I moved, or we moved to Florida without expecting much and thinking if it wouldn’t work out, we would be lucky enough to go back home, or close to it.

I didn’t new much about this amazing and weird place, but I knew few things:
– The Bush vs. Al Gore election and the voting controversy.
– All the retired people spending their years in a warm weather, without harsh winters.
– Republicans.
– Hurricanes.

But my curiosity to know more where I’ve started living, make wonder a lot things, such as: why is the town called like that? why we can’t go to Lake O? Who lived here before the Spaniards arrived feeling like this land was theirs? and so on and on and on!🤓

Around last year I wanted to show to my friends, family and acquaintances where I’ve lived, the lifestyle, the flora and fauna, the people, the differences. Without a doubt, I wanted to show to everyone on the other side of the pond my experiences and what is Florida! At the same time, I enrolled in the #passionproject online course from Lauren Hom (@homsweethom) helping me to dig into my inner self and my passions. With result of taking two different fields and merging them together: History + Graphic design!

Focusing in Florida, it was and still is the perfect excuse to keep learning and understanding the shape, culture, people of this state. .
Till next week everyone! Have fun!