☀️H E L L O ☀️
Above ☝️ you can see some of the main cities in Florida, with its chains of lakes and the magnificent Lake Okeechobee, and to the south the gorgeous Everglades 🌾🐊

At the bottom you can see the Florida Keys, known as Conch Republic, connecting all the keys through one road with long bridges to arrive till the end.🏝

Florida is a long and flat peninsula, for example from Key West to Jacksonville there are 503 miles (809.5 Km) and a driving of 8 hours, depending on the traffic. But from Key West to Pensacola (way west on the peninsula) there are 832 miles (1338.97 Km) and a driving of 13 hours, also depending on the traffic. 🚗🚗🚗

The Sunshine state ☀️has tropical weather, with nice, bearable and dry winters and hot, humid and wet ⛈summers, with a Hurricane Season, starting on June 1st and finishing on November 30th. (Look at Dorian!)

Approximately, 1,000 people resettled everyday in Florida, creating a problem to the environment, fauna and flora. The most recent population estimate was carried out in 2015 by the United State Census Bureau reaching 20,271,272 people. Nowadays, it is thought this number increased till 21,65 million people living in the state.

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