First of all I would like to thank you to Madoz (an illustrator) who I’ve been inspired by him and his reviews.

So… let’s start!

Me with myself

At the end of 2018, I wrote a letter to myself saying goodbye to that year of feeling lost, stuck and empty (professionally, but important for me), but also feeling I had a lot of things to say. In the end, I signed the letter with a sentence telling to myself: Estima’t i lluita! (Love yourself and fight!)

So, I decided for the 2019 I would take care of myself, find a job in the graphic design field again, being able to take Pau, my son, to the daycare, and then I would also focus more on my lettering and calligraphy practice, plus building new content.

Job found 🙂

So, between the months of March and April 2019, I started rebuilding my website, my portfolio and I sent several resumes. By April 15th I started working as a graphic designer again! YEAAAAAH!

I felt so good! I had amazing bosses. I felt valued and loved! but the job it last 6 months due some restructuring business, but later in the year I started freelancing now and then for a couple of companies.

Personal projects

I started the year trying to be more perseverant and constant with my lettering practice (not achieved as much as I wanted)

By summer, I enrolled in the Lettering Animation course at Full Harbor, built by Austin Saylor! WHAT A CHALLENGE! but I learnt so much and I gave life to my letterings pieces, look over here 🙂

I discovered I LOVE to organize and make information/knowledge interesting and appeling by using different creative fields, such as graphic design, lettering, calligraphy or illustration. (Thanks to the Passion to Paid course by Lauren Hom, which I took during fall 2018, but till 2019 I wasn’t able to put words on it) From here on in September 2019 I started one of my personal projects I enjoy doing it, call Guavas’n’Sawgrass. Check it out!

Finally, by summer and fall I was able to become a calligraphy teacher for The Paper Seahorse store, in Tampa, FL. (I’m going to be teaching Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy, on February the 2nd)


In February, I had the chance to go to California, for my second time. While my husband was working, my son and I were with my friend Nikki. I drove by myself in Los Angeles (WHAAAAT?) and later, once Victor was free, we visit his friends (Elena and Pablo) in San Francisco, coming back to LA by the Big Sur 😀

Feeling valued and loved professionally!

By summer, we discovered I was pregnant (I still am) with our second child to be born in April 2020!

Enjoying lots of time with our friends Inho and Da!!!

Being able to visit our families and close friends in Spain!!! and see how Pau was bonding with them 😀

Not so well

After losing my job, I started to look for a new one, but not so many companies gave me the chance for an interview and those who did, didn’t hire me. I felt such a loser!

I didn’t practice my letterings as much as I wanted 🙁 due to my perfeccionism, becoming less achiever!

Adobe rejected my Guavas’n’Sawgrass project.

My pregnancy has been more emotional than expected: crying a lot, having a lot of fears, feeling stressed… and finally, I asked for help, since then… I feel much better!

So, as you can see, some ups and downs, but still here. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this 2020, even almost one month has gone already, but I’m going to try my best to achieve my old/new goals. Focus Darling!

Let’s go 2020!

I hope you can achieve everything you’d like for you this new year!